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Smart Network Data Services


Welcome to Smart Network Data Services
Windows Live Hotmail Postmaster is proud to provide Smart Network Data Services as a new way to fight spam and malware.  By providing data such as mail traffic statistics seen by Windows Live Hotmail to IP block owners (ISPs, in a broad sense), organizations are empowered to prevent spam, viruses, and other malicious activity from originating from their IP space.  Together, we can all do our part to make the Internet a safer place.  For more details, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Getting started
New to Smart Network Data Services?  Getting started is easy!  Proceed to our Request Access page, enter an IP range or ASN that you own, and just a few clicks later you'll see a wealth of information on those IPs' mail, spam, virus and other statistics.


The momentum continues!
Going strong for well over 3 years now, we're proud that SNDS is now used by over 20,000 organizations to provide transparency over 200 million IPs!  And to accelerate this great progress, we're excited to release even more improvements.  We're introducing a new page where you can see the current status of your IPs, if they're blocked or even bots! We've also done some performance and reliability enhancements, to keep up with the ever-growing size of the system. Our hope is these changes will make SNDS even more useful and compelling for people to manage their outbound traffic and network higene.

Major update!
We're pleased to announce a major upgrade to SNDS!  After reading and carefully considering all the great feedback we received, we looked at the scenarios most important to enable and streamline and are excited to reveal the results.  We've done everything from tweaks under the hood, to adding the ability to sign up by Autonomous System Number (ASN), to expanding the types of data we provide from just mail and spam to include viruses and malware, to making all that data accessible to automated processes!

All this is in the hopes of better serving SNDS' ever-growing community.  And as always, we look forward to feedback on how this new version is being used and how it could be improved.  To date, we have many thousands of users now covering over 87 million IPs.  The more users, the more IPs, the more good that SNDS does--so tell your friends!

Great initial success!
Weeks after our official announcement, hundreds of organizations have been able to sign up for Smart Network Data Services and start reviewing data with it.  In fact, the data on IP space covering over 50 million IPs has been provided to their owners!

We've also received lots of very positive, constructive, and useful feedback.  While we can't promise a response to every one, we do read and consider them all very carefully and appreciate each of them.  We look to continue improving this service in the future, as time allows, and feedback from the community and industry are key to our efforts.  Feedback describing how SNDS is used, particularly when stopping spam, will always be especially rewarding and useful.

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